While my friends are heading at Corse for the festival of Calvi, I’m at another end of the world. The weather being very nice again yesterday. After a light lunch, we were 15 minutes late at the bureau of immigration to get my working id number. Hopefully we can be on time today.


And yesterday he introduced his two set of parents to me. They are both nice people. He said that both of them were tried to spoil him and he was always choosing his foster parents to his real parents since they were richer and can give him everything he wanted. He was very much regretted of that after the death of his dad.


After a dinner at his uncle’s restaurant, which is amazing, a grilled chicken restaurant, very healthy. We had a drink at Cafe Paris. We were supposed to go for a jazz concert, but he got a last minute call from his work that he has to deal with. He talked to me a lot about his trip to Republic of Dominic and Haiti. He said that he had never talked to this to anyone before. It’s true that a trip can change a person’s mind. Just like me now in Reykjavik, I’m very happy and peaceful and very satisfied about what I’m having. The only thing that I hope is an icelandic ID number thus I can work.


And yesterday I bought two books to learn Icelandic, I gonna spend an hour a day on it.


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