Finally there’s sunshine on my 3rd day in town. Suddenly the whole town looks somehow different, all the colorful small buildings, quiet street, arty boutiques, etc. I took the first serious picture with my camera and bought some stupid, funny postcard. On one of which, they teach you how to “speak” Icelandic, for example: “Here you go!” (Gerðu svo vel)- “Go there so well!”; “Thank you” (Takk fyrir)- “Duck fairy”; “Have a good week-end” (Góða helgi)- “Go to Hell, Key”, etc. I start thinking maybe I should seriously learn the Icelandic.

Since we ate too much last night, we decided just to have a light dinner. I suggested that we could try the “Noodle Station”, a popular small restaurant in the center. The reason that it’s popular is not only because of its reasonable price but also it’s a cosy place, where frequent the locals as well. I had a spicy noodle with beef and he had a noodle with chicken. Actually you got only three choice there, and the 3rd is the noodle with vegetables. It’s not bad but a little bit salty for my taste. Anyhow, after the noodles, we went to an vegetarian cafe to have the dessert – raw chocolate cake with icelandic cream. Yummy Yummy~

Last night I discovered that they have a “National Geographic Channel” which is fantastic!


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