Another rainy day.

Larus said that the flowers and the trees might be happy since it’s been sunny all the time before I arrived and people get sick of it. We went to his “stocks” where he put all the stuff in, we found some shampoos, the shower gels, the candles, stuffs to go out for the mountains and CDs of some icelandic bands, including Sigur Ros, since he knows that I’m a huge fan of them. Since we’re living at his friend’s flat at the moment, we don’t have a mirror in the home and the evening he brought a huge mirror. He’s probably the most attentive man I’ve ever met.

After his work, we walked in the center, having a beer in a very vintage local cafe. He said that the cafe was so old that it’d be pulled out in October. Right in the entrance of this cafe, there’s a chair made from paper which attracts people’s attention. Everyone wants to give a try.

After the beer, we wandered to his pub, it’s an fancy hotel bar – 101 Hotel, at meanwhile an art gallery. I noticed that art is everywhere in Reykjavik, in small pub, in chic hotel, in barbershop, in restaurant and mostly in the street. I start really to fall in love with this small, colorful city. A friend of mine used to tell me that the Icelandic still believe in fairy tale! It’s obvious that she’s never been to Iceland, but I think the thought very cute and not absolutely faux! So after the starter (raw salmon with white wine), we went to a Vegamot for dinner, an elegant but casual restaurant. We ordered an Argentinean red wine with the tapas. The meal is very delicious. I noticed a liquor called “Bjork” as the name of the singer! Then I know that bjork is the name of a tree.


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