The Icelandic Expo Pavilion from the World Fair in Shanghai 2010

For the first time this summer, Icelanders, and those visiting Iceland will have the chance to experience the atmosphere of the Iceland Expo Pavilion which was designed for the Wold Fair in Shanghai in 2010. The pavilion was reconstructed for the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2011. Now, it‘s Iceland‘s turn.

Inside the pavilion there will be a screening of an Icelandic film in 360 degrees produced by Sagafilm. The film, which is fifteen minutes long, presents Iceland in all its diversity. Footage from both city and nature is projected onto the four sides and the ceiling of the pavilion, forming a cube that surrounds its guests.

New technology, developed by Sagafilm, was used in the filming. Five synchronized cameras were used to capture Iceland’s beauty to form a unique cinematic experience never before seen. The aim of the film is to create a simple but impressive world of wonders that makes the visitor stand still, take a deep breath and experience Iceland in a whole new way. The walls and ceiling form a visual unity reflecting the nation‘s strong connection to the forces of nature.

The score for the film is composed by Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson and comprises an inseparable part of the installation.

The Expo Iceland Pavilion project began in the autumn of 2008 when it was decided that Iceland would take part in the Shanghai world fair in 2010. The Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs staged a competition for the design of the pavilion where strict financial boundaries were set. Many proposals were submitted. One was chosen.

The size and shape of the pavilion demanded simple but effective solutions. The untamed and unspoilt nature of Iceland was captured and exported to Shanghai where it was released in the Icelandic pavilion. Visitors received Icelandic water upon arrival and the air was cooled down to resemble a breezy summer‘s day by the shore. The Icelandic water and temperature created an oasis in the scorching Shanghai heat.The pavilion was a huge success and served at capacity for the duration of the Expo.


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