With a one-way-ticket in hand, I’m coming to Iceland again. Yea it’s sound crazy…

Am I gonna stay in Iceland or just for the adventure. But it doesn’t matter, as long as I’m following my heat, at least I’ll not be regret, saying “Oh I should have done this, I should have done that.”

Everything seems familiar, the bizarre bird screaming over the windows, the stink-egg-smell-like water, the changing weather, the mirror-like lake, the wild wind, even the Icelandic! I must say that I love this land. Larus picked me up at the bus station, he’s one of the reasons that I came to Iceland again. I never felt something so strong like this before, despite the difference of the ages, the culture, the whatever-people-think it is, we have barely one thing in common, he’s been growing up with the nature, hunting, fishing, horse-riding, climbing the mountains, etc. As for me, a 100% city modern girl. Somehow, we have one great thing in common – curiosity. We’re two people curious about everything and very spontaneous, which somehow connect us together. Anyhow, I can hardly explain my feeling to this man, it’s something mixed with love and admiration. I love being around by him.


Then we drove right to his friend’s place, where we’ll be living temporary. I never seen a house with such an important collection of art work before. The paintings, the drawings, the sculpture and the furniture. It’s an amazing art gallery! And his apartment is right in the centre of Reykjavik, with a nice view to the park. Then later I know that he’s the grand father of a famous young artist in Iceland, with whom we’re friends on Facebook. I can barely remember where I first time heard of his name, but somehow, you can see, the world is very small!! Hopefully, I can meet this artist soon.


After that, we went to a famous restaurant in downtown Reykjavik to have some fish. I ordered a “Fish Gourmet” with you can have three kind of fish in one plate: Salmon, Monkfish and Catfish. Since I haven’t tried neither the monkfish nor the catfish, I’m quite curious about how they taste like. Later I see, both these two fishes have ugly faces! And the monkfish lives in the very deep in the sea, that’s why his meat tastes more like shark meat than the ordinary fish meat. As to Larus, he ordered a salmon, with many beans and the eggs of salmon, looks delicious as well!



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