14 degrees and 75 feet below

While Paris reached it’s peak as 37 degrees I decided to visit the world’s biggest underground cemetery – Catacombs.

Over 6 millions people were buried there. I’ve heard of a lot of things about this tomb, yet when I saw it with my own eyes, it’s still quite stunning.



Via the end of the visit, I talked to a surveillance of the tombs since I was very curious to know how they could stand working in such a humid place and surrounded by the skulls!!! “We’re not allowed to stay for longer than 2 hours cause it’s very bad for the health. Plus the tombs are always in the period of preparation, then we’re assigned to work for other museum. It’s been more than eight years that I work here and I love my job.”

The total tour is about 2km, 45-minute-walk. But be prepare of a queue for at least an hour! There’re always people who’s willing to visit this creepy tombs.


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