Time flies but I’m not a pilot

Jay CHOU, 周 杰伦

Still remember the first time I listened to his song, I was only in middle school.

The first CD I bought from him was <FANTASY> just as his name. Back to the time, he was a very shy boy, famous for the indistinct pronunciation when he raps, even me, it’s hard to understand sometimes. Yet the lyric of his single song is a poetry, of peace and love. He’s doing magic on me, bring me back to the old days, like traveling on a time machine.

Almost every summer, he releases a new album, next month, will be the 10th.

Time flies but I’m not a pilot.

Twenty years, I’m still that little girl, holding his album, curious about everything.

Jay Chou Studio: http://www.jaychoustudio.com/

Piano Hurt

Composer: Jay Chou
Lyricist: Vincent Fang

(An adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s Barcarolle and Mozart’s Turkish March)

The connecting line between the sea and sky is that sunset The wooden deck is full of that golden yellow The outline from the light behind you is just like a paper-cut silhouetteIt’s full of imagination, anyone would fall in love with youThe sound of the piano keys resonant through the cabin along with the sea wind
Unexpectedly there’s a sort of romance that you can only find back in the middle ages
Smiling while looking far into the distance, that’s your habit
Drumming on a classical piano that little bit of sadness

There’s a slight hint of uneasiness in the expression in your eyes
You don’t dare to continue with this ambiguous liking

Tears cover your face, with your reluctance to let go written all over your face
Swaying from side to side, the ship enters the harbor
I can’t bear to ask who is waiting for you to come back to shore
There’s a ring imprint on your finger
The hurt of seeing you off further and further away

I’m scared that the story won’t even be halfway through and you’ll already have an answer in your heart
Walking towards one direction, you don’t talk about it at all
I don’t question it, it’s just that both our hearts are in a knot

The world was definitely vast and big with sky blue oceans
Yet in your heart there’s an opaque place
The waves reflect the moonlight, footprints are left at the beach
Regret is left at the dock, the air is filled with the nostalgic times

I see that person who takes care of you
My chords start to turn into a slow version


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