My funny valentine

Yesterday when I passed through “Mona Lisait“, a second-hand book shop, a biography of Chet Baker caught my eyes. I finally didn’t buy it cos the book  is in german, the photos were taken by William Claxton, only in Black and white, most are in the studio, although few were taken in his house with his wife Halema.

Chet Baker’s turbulent life came to a bizarre and tragic end on May 13, 1988 in Amsterdam. Chet fell from the open window of his hotel room, hitting the concrete two stories below. People say he died at his musical peak which makes him a legend.

My Funny Valentine
Sweet Comic Valentine
You Make Me Smile With My Heart
You’re Looks Are Laughable,
Yet You’re My Favorite Work Of Art
Is Your FigureLess Than Greek
Is Your Mouth A Little Weak
When You Open It To Speak
Are You Smart
Don’t Change A Hair For Me
Not If You Care For Me
Stay Little Valentine Stay
Each Day Is Valentine’s Day



The book is called “Young Chet”, photography by William Claxton, publisher: Schirmer/Mosel


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