Summer Time

It’s summer time now, people are all out, sunbathing, shopping, traveling, gossiping, flirting etc. People are in a better mood, that’s a good thing!

Jardin des Tuleries

The bad part of summer is that we’re less motivated at work than winter, specially in French. Most of them must be planning on their summer vocations. Sometimes, we just want to go, just go, to some new place where no one knows you, to escape from the reality.

He/She must be obsessed by the plant and flowers

Temaki from Sushi Shop, yummy~

My memory about summer is the smell of a Chinese perfume of Lotus and the soup of winter melon with small dry shrimps. You guys probably have no idea what I’m talking about! (haha) And what about yours?

Old Chinese post for the “perfume”

Have a nice summer time!

Keep tuned



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