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This afternoon, I had 3rd interview about a job opportunity working in Shanghai. The RH asked me to translate a sophisticated French article into Chinese in 30 minutes. I didn’t manager to translate the whole article, it’s a little bit too difficult for me to be honest. I really appreciated this job opportunity and hopefully it won’t be blowed because of my French, which would be terrible.


I’ve been asking myself, Yingzi what have you achieved since you’re in Paris? The answer is good memories. But one can not only live on their memories. I’m kind a disappointed about myself at some point. I’m so easily affected by the circumstance around me. A friend told me you are an adorable person, but you have to scrabble yourself, not always being affected by other people or living in others’ eyes. Your life is yours, only you can change it.

You’re 25, you met someone, is like you met a world. You’re so attracted by his world, his crows that you’re losing yours. When that person left, the whole world collapsed. I know how that feels…

And now I’m 26, I should take care of my own world, being more selected, more responsible and much more hard-working. To achieve that, one have to leave his comfort zone as said a friend, by feeling risky, challenging. I’m blessed to have that special friend.

Thank you, really.


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