1st day of Jazz Saint-Germain

From 20th May till the 3rd June is the annual Jazz Festival in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. What an exciting news!! As a big fan of chocolate, me and my friend decided to attack the degustation Jazz/Chocolate at Richart, a French luxury chocolate brand.

The degustation held in the boutique of Richart in Saint-Germain, there’re round 30 persons. They guy explained how to degust the chocolate, along with the fluter who played on the stage, it was a nice experience. Although, I found it a little bit affected when people say: I feel like traveling to Indian; It reminds me of my childhood; It’s like I’m at the beach with a delicious cocktail…I mean, it’s just a piece of chocolate, I can understand if it regards to the wine. Anyhow, the chocolates are really good, with different favor, you have different sensations.

Since the weather was really favorable, we went to a bar after the degustation. We picked the seat outside the bar under the sun like the most of French people. Musicians are playing on the streets, few blocks away, there’s a stand of Fip Radio, one of my favorite jazz radios, few musicians are singing. Next to our table are two young french boy, one is drawing the musician in the street with crayon on his note book, another one is reading a book “Politique de Jerusalem”. That’s the sunday afternoon I love, after a small concert, rose under the sun with girls’ talks.

She’s not like my other girl friends. She’s that strong character, knowing what she wants, a true realism. I ignore if it’s because she has half english blood, I found her very simple, nature and not sophisticated at all, not like some French girls/boys considering themselves as the center of the world. With her, I know I can just be me, straight to the point.

Since she just bought a fryer, she suggested that we can do the moule/fries at her place. That was the first time in my life that I did the mould/fries at home, result? Fascinating! We finished 1,4kg moule with I-ignore-how-much french fries. For the wine, I picked a white wine from Chile, the perfect balance between dry/sweet. Still, I was quite stunning when I saw her put soda in the wine!! I think that must be the English way drinking wine!

Ps: I totally love the storm last night…

Have a nice day keep smiling ^^


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