Lost in zoo…

I was very surprised to know that the world second-oldest zoo is in the central of Paris – La Ménagerie. As I mentioned in a former post, I love animals! I used to go to the zoo every weekend when I was little and with my cousin, we went to the animal market near my place each month to buy the animals.

This Menagerie was built during the French Revolution, in 1973. According to a decision of the National Assembly in 1793, exotic animals in private hands were to be donated to the Menagerie in Versailles or killed, stuffed and donated to the natural scientists of the Jardin des Plantes. However, the scientists let the animals live. In due course the Royal Menagerie in Versailles was dissolved and these animals were also transferred to the Jardin des Plantes. Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre (1737–1814) is considered to be the founder of the menagerie. He was committed to the principles of keeping exotic animals in their natural environment, having regard to their needs, placing them under scientific supervision, and allowing public access in the interest of public education. The Jardin was free for all visitors and tourists right from its inception. While the menagerie at first was just provisional it grew in the first three decades of the 19th century to be the largest exotic animal collection in Europe.


Snow leopard, only 4000 left world wild.


Black Swan, an aggressive but beloved couple


Guess what’s that? The autarchies’ egg!! I’m very curious to know how it tastes like…:D



The american flamingo, very very beautiful!!



Lazy raccoon 

More and more spices are disappearing from the earth, and human is the number one enemy! I still remember when I was little in Shanghai, we have sparrows in the city, they’re everywhere! But there’re less and less! Instead, are the pigeons. It reminds me a friend who’s volunteer in “Darwin Animal Doctor“. It’s a association who provides professional and comprehensive veterinary clinics for the animals of the Galapagos Islands. We should do what we can to save animals, securing our world heritage. Image

By the way, tonight is the “Night of Museum”, many of the museums are open till midnight or even later. The first Long Night of Museums in 1997. The concept has been very well received, and since then the number of participating institutions and exhibitions has risen dramatically, spreading to over 120 other cities throughout Europe.

I might go to the Museum of cinema for exhibition of Tim Burton 🙂


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