Shoot your goth !

Yesterday, I spent the very first metal/gothic party in my life. It was quite fantastic.

The party held on a boat, River’s King, near Eiffel Tower, the boat set off at 22h, about an hour, a quick “touristic” trip by the Seine. I did this kind of trip the first time I came to Paris, which is almost five years ago.


Boat trip by Seine

I know this party from a friend, who’s a friend of one of the organizers to the party – Paul Taupet. He works with the child-like bunny, dressing dark and gothic. The party is quite insane, in my point of view, some of the people are really over-dressed, specially the girls, a little bit too slut. However, they’re all very nice people, you can easily take with.


90% of people have at least one tattoo…


Artist/DJ Paul Toupet with the rabbit on his back

I know very little about mental, there’s only one group I do like a lot, from Berlin, called “Noblesse Oblige“. I’ve been to their concert once in Paris, that was cult !


Good Night Paris


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