“oh man It makes me want to be an art student again…”

I have to be honest, I’ve been clubbing a lot in Paris. My very first club experience here is at Show Case,  an elegant parisian club under the bridge with the golden status Alexandre III. It’s chic but nothing special. Then the famous Social Club, Rex Club, they have the good reputations. Then more and more, you have these “private” clubs, they’re underground, media-avoid, hide in a small street and most of the time, they’ve black doors and no name on it. You have to know the place. These clubs are like Silencio, Le Magnifique, Experimental Cocktail Bar, etc. Others are like the bars of the hotel, just to name a few, Mama Shelter, Hôtel Particulier, Dokhan’s Champagne Bar, etc. 


The entrance to the party

But there’s nothing to see with the “club” I went yesterday, with the crazy art students! Invited by a friend of mine who studied in Ecole des beaux arts, I went with two other friends. We arrived at round 21h, the front door is closed to the public, and the doorman didn’t let anyone in! Plan B, we called the friend whose already inside the party, to open the back door for us. To the back door, we saw a couple who wanted to get into by plan B as well and the guy told us that his cousin can open the door for us since he works in the school and he has the KEYS. After almost half an hour, a guy appeared at the back door, signed us to follow, there we go. Hello, ecole des beaux arts!


My phone puts scary effort to the picture, i don’t know why…


The barman with his fake-fruit-red-hair

I’ve never been into this school. I don’t know if it’s because of the night or the inner-architecture; the whole school is quite “middle-aged” and most of the status are headless! And they’ve a huge tree in a yard, which is pretty awesome. People are dressing crazy (compare to the “normal” French people) and the music is house/electronic. 2 euros for a drink, good ambience, fancy people. I think it’s quite the kind of party I like. I asked one of the students is there anything special to celebrate, she said no, just like this, from time to time, they organize the parties like this.


Huge tree in the garden, with a…tent?! WTH


Crazy guy with his…buoy…weird


Sexy back hmmmm~ 

I think the best party is always the one you go with your converse and have to make effort to get into with the insane crowds. 

Have a nice day, bad news, it’s raining again…!


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