Here comes the sun!

After a long depressing gloomy rainy week in Paris, finally there comes the sun!

It smells like summer today, people are in a better mood, much better! I love winter, and the people from there as well, they’re much more creative and more into the extreme. Many of the famous designers are from the cold country, in architecture as well as in fashion. To be honest, I’m not a “beach” person, I don’t really like laying under the sun and get tanned. I’m more into the mountains, the ski, and the forest. But still, I’m glad that it’s finally sunny.


After an interview near Concorde, I took rue Saint-Honoré, window shopping the design stores then went to the Colette. I go there from time to time, not to buy, just to be informed the latest trend. And I discovered a photographer with a strange name:Koto Bolofo. His book called Dreams attracted my attention immediately. Then I learned that he’s born in South Africa, moved to Britain when he’s little with his father. After living as political refugees for nearly 25 years, Bolofo and his father returned to South Africa, an experience documented in his short film The Land Is White, the Seed Is Black. His keen eye for lively, dynamic images has won him accolades for his fashion photography—Bolofo editorials have appeared in VogueGQ andInterview, to name a few; his advertising clients include Burberry, Levi’s and Hermès.

Vogue Germany, model: Lily Cole

I used to live 5-minutes-walk from Colette, it was a tiny little studio on the 6th floor. During a year, I lived there, it was the happiest period since I’m in Paris, stress-free, economically fine and curious about everything! Not like now, I have to worry about my future, about earning money, and so many déjà vus, but i think it’s where the real life starts.


Translations: HERE, the possible is already done; the impossible is on the way; and the miracle will be 48 hours’ late.

I ignore how much time the sun will stay, but as long as there’s sun, I’m happy !

By the way, I have to mention a bar I went yesterday, it’s surprisingly nice! The mussels and French fries are free with a drink! The pub called “Tribal Café” on the cours des petites-écuries , quite popular, I’m sure to go back one day.


Another great news is that one of my favorite trumpets Roy Hargrove will be performing at a jazz club “New Morning” next monday, I just can’t wait! I was at this concert last year with his band “The RH Factor”, it was just breath-taking!


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