Then second bank holiday in May…

We often say that French are the “branleurs”, which means that don’t do anything but complain, it’s not totally true, but if you look at their calendar of May… Surprisingly, you’ll find FIVE bank holiday, plus two of which are Mondays, which means if you’re a good negotiator, you can have three loooong weekends! Even better, if you’re a public official, you work only half the May! I think in the whole world, only in France you can have such a great treatment.

I’m not included to these “branleurs”, somehow, I do know how to enjoy life. So, on the second bank holiday, I went to the a Japanese festival, at Jardin d’acclimatation, located in one of the most chic neighborhoods in the near Paris – Neuilly sur Seine, where the ex-president lives! Today is the last day of the festival. Naturally, there’re queues everywhere, especially the kids!


Me with my girlfriend, we laughed like we were in middle school, the attractions we played when we were kids, the stickers I used to collect when I was ten, the rare animals we never saw before, etc. It reminds me that it’s been a very very long time that I hadn’t been to the zoo and how much I loved the animals when I was a kid.

I had lots of pets, just name it, dog, cat, turtle, chick, duck, golden fish, rat, bunny, bird, parrot…even the evil snake! However, I’m really not good at the animals, they’re end up with dead, or disappear, within a very short term, the shortest was with the snake, I had it only for few hours, then I was so afraid that my mum would scream that I dropped it into a small river next to my house. Then same with the duck, he was still a baby when I bought it, then I made it swim since I think he’d be very happy close to the water, unlucky, he’d dead of cold few hours later. Same tragedy with the rat, he just keep eating, so I kept feeding him the rice and he died the next day because of the over-eaten. But the worst was with my beloved chick, his name is little flower (great name huh). I had it when I was only five, when all my families was in the south of China. When we had to move to Shanghai after two years, we couldn’t move with the little flower, so my parents had this genius idea ever. Yes, we ate it! I was so little that I could barely remember a thing! When I asked where was my little flower, my parents said he grew into an adult and he had to look for his family. And I believed them. I was really really sad ten years later when I knew the truth. I still kind a blame on them today! Anyway, all these is to say that I LOVE animals, just I’m really bad at feed them, same with the plants, most of the time, I just let it be. And yes, each time I go to the zoo, I’m always having few-minute-silence for my pets.


Expect the animals, the most exciting part of the festival for me is the food. Sadly, they don’t have many stands though. They’ve three stands for the Takoyaki, but it’s crazily expensive, almost ten times the price of Shanghai, probably even more than Japan! Four for six euros! But it’s really good!

In short, I had a very nice day with the kids, the animals and the takoyaki!

Good Night Paris


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