Le Champo

As a cineaste, I’ve almost shame to say that today was the first time I went to “Le Champollion“, one of the antique theater in the left bank of Paris, subway Odéon, existed since 1938, where was a library. Only a few-minute-walk, you have “Reflet Medicis“. Both diffuse the old black and white movies, sometimes even the mute movies, which is very hard to find on the market.

They have a strict select list, you can rarely find the “popular” movies in their program. More often, it’s with Jacques Tati, Akira Kurosawa, David Lynch, Kenji Mizogushi, Woody Allen whom you spend the great time with.

Today I saw “Sandra” (1965) by Luchino Visconti, an italian film director. To be honest, I haven’t seen a lot black & white movies, but it was a real pleasure. The quality of the image, the atmosphere, plus the amazing piano melody all thought the movie, it was a truthful joy. The story is quite complicated, very psycho.

The story began with Sandra Dawson and her husband Andrew travel to her hometown in the province of Volterra for a homage of the locals to her father, a prominent scientist that died in the concentration camp of Auschwitz. The couple is welcomed by the maid Fosca, and Andrew becomes fascinated with the house. Sandra has issues with her stepfather Pietro Formari and her insane mother and misses her brother Gianni Wald-Luzzati, who is an aspirant writer. When Gianni appears in the house out of the blue, Andrew unravels a shadowy secret from the past of the siblings.

Next week, they’ll have a special movie night with Tim Burton’s new movie “Dark Shadows” along with his other two movies “Big Fish” and “Sleepy Hollow”. If you are fan of Tim Burton and curious about this cinema, you shouldn’t miss it!

Good night Paris!



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