What did You Dream Last Night?

I’ve just made up my mind that from today I’ll write down my dream everyday. Even if only just for few words. I’m always wondering if there’re someone, who can always remembering his dream, and draw it down. He must be an artist or a successful writer! 

Few days ago, I had this kind of dream about the lift. Up and down, deep down and the parents. And few weeks ago, I had a dream about being transferred into a robot, the dream was so vivid that I felt the pain when being transferred. I could literally make a movie about it. 

This morning I looked into the internet, seeing if there’s a ”dream catcher machine” exists. The result is quite surprising. Not yet, but in few decade yes! 

Research published this month in the journal Current Biology has led to speculation that this may be possible in decades to come. While no-one has yet captured footage of dreams, what they have captured is computerised reconstructions of what’s going on in the visual area of the brains of people watching movie clips. The computers processed information from MRI scanners measuring the visual brain activity of volunteers watching movie clips, and came up with good, though blurry, matches.  Author: 

From the same author, she wrote about how to remember the dream. For example:

* Tell yourself your dreams are important. Buy an exercise book or another special book to use as your dream journal and expect to remember your dreams.

* Keep paper and pen by your bed and jot down a couple of words of the dream you have had as a memory jogger to read in the morning. Or keep an audio recorder by your bed to record your dream in the middle of the night.

* When you wake up in the morning, lie in the position you usually dream in. Your body muscles hold memories of your dream so lying in the same position often triggers your memory.

* Set two alarm clocks. Set the second one for the time you must get out of bed. Set the first one for about twenty minutes before. When your first alarm goes off, lay in your dreaming position and float along in the twilight zone. Banish any thoughts about the day. Think of the first alarm clock as waking you up to your dreams and the second alarm clock as waking you up to your day.

* Write something in your dream journal every day, even if you can’t remember a dream. Write about your waking feelings. These are often a hangover from the feelings in your dream, so writing about these gradually triggers your dream recall over several weeks.

* Read Dream Alchemy. Reading about dreams is likely to bring back your dream memory because it emphasises the importance of your dreams.etc. 


So have a sweet dream everyone even if it’s during the day time.



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