Another great movie soundtrack by Sigur ros.

There’re always kind of music which can touch you from the inside out, make you voyage, dream, muse. And Sigur Ros it is! I heard about this group 2 years ago from a friend. From the first note, I know it is, I fell in love immediately. 

What makes me think of this rock band again is a movie, ”We Bought A Zoo” by Matt Damon. At first, this movie doesn’t really knock me up. Then I think anyhow Matt Damon is a great actor and it’s produced by 21st Fox, the movie couldn’t be bad. 

Surprisingly, it’s GREAT! Not to mention the sound track is by Jonsi, the singer of Sigur Ros. The story is just encouraging and totally amazing. It’s about a single dad who just lost his beloved and moved to a new apartment which is in a zoo area. Within the people there, he struggled to reopen the zoo. It’s been a long time that I didn’t see such a great movie. 

Another great movie, sound track by Sigur Ros, is ”127 HOURS”. When he escaped from the rock, there plays ”Festival”, it’s the perfect music at the perfect moment. You feel totally liberal and reborn. 




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