“Stuff Parisians Like”

Today I want to talk about this book, his french title is ”Dessine-moi un Parisien”, english title is ”Stuff Parisians Like”. Well it’s been almost 2 years that this book has been published. In this book, he talks about the clichés we say about Parisians, from the food, the behaviors, the religions, the relations, etc.


Image Picnic under the Eiffel TowerImage

Berthillon ice-cream in Saint-Michel


Lots of sushis!!! (especially at noon)


The Ski

The author, Olivier Magny, is a 100% parisian, not only he’s the author of the book, more importantly, and what makes him more famous, is his wine bar, located in the 3rd area of Paris. The name of the bar is ”Ô Chateau”. I went there once with a friend, the atmosphere is quite romantic and intimate. They have also a fine wine list. For those who loves wine and who’s interested of the clichés about Parisian, it’s a good address.

Ô Chateau: 68 rue Jean-Jacques-Rousseau, Paris.



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