A Sunday Brunch at casino de Paris

When I was in China, we went often for a “tea” on sunday with the families, specially in the south of China. Here, the “tea” actually means “brunch”-you have all the steaming stuffs, dumplings and of course you eat them with a pot of tea! The whole “tea” time can last untill 5PM! Well in France, people do brunch too, but in a way much more rock and roll!

Last sunday, I went to Casino de Paris for the first time to have a brunch in the electronic music. It’s actually a special event, once a month, held in Casino de Paris. You pay 25 euros and you get the whole menu. Starter: croissants, chocolate breads, coffee, orange juice. Main course: home-made burger with his salade. Dessert: café gourmand. Bonnus: a short!



I’ve never done the brunch with a DJ, it was quite a funny experience. The music is electronic music, mostly you can hear from the Nova Radio, a parisian chic, quite bourgeois.


The only thing is that since the Casino is indoors, you can’t really enjoy the sunshine while having you brunch, where I found is a pity.

But still, the concept is quite original! It’s a perfect place to organise a birthday party for example.



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