A French Heritage – Cointreau

Cointreau is a type of alcohol made from orange. And recently, the company who fabric this got a label of ”The Living Heritage” from the Ministry of economy, finance and industry of France. Yesterday, we went toa ephemeral club in the 1st area, cointreau privé, where we drink only the cocktails based with this alcohol. It’s a basement club, decorated with the red velvet curtain, vintage sofa, 20s’-style-lamp and old wallpapr, very romantic. At first, i thought the music would be electronic, rock but not at all! It was JAZZ!

Oh, I can’t express how much I love jazz, plus it’s been a while that I didn’t go for a jazz concert. During the live, there’s a black jazz dancer, with the sexy black pearls, who fire the stage. I’m totally love it! The cocktail is round 10 euros and you have some snakes as well from 6 euros. This Thursday is the cloture of this club, if you’re in Paris and you’re a jazz avid, you shouldn’t miss that!

Other companies who obtain this heritage are, for example, Lilaque, Baccarat and Christofle.


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