A David Lynch moment

If you are a fan of David Lynch, you shouldn’t miss this club, just next to the famous “social club”, one of the best club for the electronic music.

It’s a private club opened november last year. It runs as a membership, the member card is 840 euros per year, except for the foreigners and people less than 30 yo, which is 420 euros. It’s much more than a simple club, but an excellent place to enjoy the movies, concerts and the best cocktail in Paris.

The whole decoration is very Lynch, black, gold, mazes, transparent…sometimes you don’t know if it’s a mirror or just a glass. Almost fantastic! All the barmen are from the 5-star-hotel, it’s a bit expensive from 16 euros to 20 euros but totally worth the price!

If you’re chic enough, you have chances to get into even you are not member.

Oh yeah the name of the club…tsss it’s a secret 😉

Nia nia~

Le Silencio



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