No i’m not going to get bored this time!

It’s been a very long day for me, awaken with a weird dream, then i found that my internet blows, it’s kind a stresse me out since i have an interview in the afternoon… At that moment i must say i love smartphone i have no idea how could i survive without my phone!!! To relax i put on a vinyl record, as a jazz avid u must have a vinyl to enjoy its raw beauty, as if the time went back to the 20s’.


The interview went quite well, the humain resource proposed another position for me, he explained a bit about his new project and want me to in charge of it. Anyway i’m fairely satisfied about the interview on the other hand i got a refusal letter from a job in the gastronomy, which made me really sad…but you have to have the faith in yourself and to battle, never give up! Like a friend said to me this morning, “ton blog est sympa mais l’idée est de ne rie lâcher”.(your blog is nice but p most important is to continue and not to give up..) yeah how many times i had an idea then carried for some time then i just got bored and i quit…so this time i’m not going to quit 🙂

This is my desk …


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