Gloomy day in Paris almost…

It’s been groomy, grey, depressing these days in Paris. I hate this weather, it’s like nothing can really cheer you up. All you want is stay in the warm bed and not to go out…but life goes on, we have to work have to live have to laugh even you pretend to be sometimes…
On the way to a vernissage, i acrossed this bridge between louvre and saint-michel (the right bank), i captured this picture…


The vernissage is quite fantastic actually, i was fairely surprised by this japanese artist, Yumiko Utsu. She’s a visionary photographer. Fishes, food, dolls, fabrics and old prints populate her picture and find unexpected contents and meanings in them. Her work is quiet eronic in some way. If you are lucky enough in paris, u shouldn’t miss that!!

Galerie LES : 6 Rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris




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