Grandma’s cake

Out of no reasons, cooking from the grandma is always the best! The real, traditional, unchallengeable food. Last thursday i went to this small bistro, called ”Mamie Gâteaux” (grandma’s cake in french), at the meanwhile, it’s an antique shop as well! How interesting!

The owner is a sweet japanese girl, she welcomed us with the vintage clothing and red lipsticks. Once i step into the shop, it’s like being in a time machine, went back to the 20s’. I’m totally in love with the decorations. The menu is hand-written on the notebook paper when we were in primary school. This lovely restaurant somehow reminds me of another one i came across when travelled to Bordeaux, a primary-school-themed bistro. I barely remember the name,  but in the same style.

I ordered a lemonade tea with a home-made pie. yummy~~plus it’s not expensive, cake for 5 euros and tea for 5 euros too. An excellent address for an afternoon tea.

Address: 66 Rue Cherche Midi, 75006





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